The New
Idea Company

At Kondra, our success starts with your idea which is why we’re The New Idea Company!


Building Your Idea!

Kondra is a software consulting company that combines extensive experience in marketing, business, engineering and software development to help you build your idea into a successful business. With decades of in house experience in a diverse collection of technologies ranging from embedded operating systems to web platforms to virtual machines to desktop applications to distributed systems and clustering, we help you build both your idea and your product into a successful business solution.


You provide the idea and we provide the design team to turn your concept into a full product road map. Explore mobile, cloud, user interface and integrations to make sure you’re building a product, not a prototype.



Work closely with our development team as we turn your idea into reality. Leverage the latest technologies and agile techniques using our blended teams to achieve offshore rates with onshore results.


Launching a product is more than turning on the servers. Combine your product launch with coordinated marketing and social campaigns to increase the reach and impact of your launch. With experience in trade shows, email outreach and social campaigns, we can design a plan that matches your needs and reaches your audience.