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The New Idea Company

Kondra is a software consulting company that combines extensive experience in marketing, business, engineering, and software development to help transform an idea into a successful business.

Building your Ideas!

Kondra helps companies revolutionize operations by fostering a culture of creativity and encouraging innovative approaches to problem-solving. Leveraging design thinking methodologies, we collaborate to understand client needs, uncover insights, and co-create solutions. By incorporating diverse perspectives and promoting a user-centric mindset, Kondra helps companies develop breakthrough products and services that resonate with their target audience. An industry leader for over 25 years, Kondra provides access to a network of talented professionals well-versed in design thinking principles. Through this collaborative and iterative process, Kondra empowers companies to stay ahead of the curve, drive meaningful innovation, and shape a brighter future.


Helping companies strategize by providing tailored workforce solutions. With their talent acquisition and market analysis expertise, Kondra places highly qualified people to drive growth, optimize operations, and navigate dynamic business environments effectively.


With their deep industry knowledge and personalized approach, Kondra empowers businesses to conceptualize and execute effective strategies, fueling productivity, scalability, and long-term success.


Kondra accelerates product development cycles, enhances innovation, and ensures companies deliver high-quality solutions that meet customer needs and drive competitive advantage.