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Kondra is a software consulting company that combines extensive experience in marketing, business, engineering, and software development to help transform an idea into a successful business. Decades of in-house expertise in a diverse collection of technologies ranging from embedded operating systems to web platforms to virtual machines to desktop applications to distributed systems and clustering enable us to help companies launch quickly while creating easy-to-support platforms long into the future.

We believe that building an idea into that one big idea takes a combination of understanding, wisdom, and craftsmanship, skills mastered with experience. This is why our typical engineer has over twenty years of experience. When we build a product, the team that architects the solution is also the team that builds it, ensuring the quality and robustness of the design and architecture carry all the way through the development process to the final product.

With experience ranging from Fortune 500 companies, including United, Coca-Cola, and eBay, to startups still in the venture (and more recently crowdfunding) stage, we are eager to hear your ideas and help you grow!